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Students Urged to Find Their ‘Unique Value Contribution’

Most of them won’t graduate and start their careers for another four years, but the more than 400 University of Miami freshmen who packed the BankUnited…

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Candidates for the bachelor's degree must complete 120 credit hours for graduation (see curriculum requirements).

  • Of the total requirement, 45 hours must be at the junior and senior levels (300 or higher).
  • A 2.0 or higher cumulative grade point average is required for graduation.
    • A 2.5 or higher grade point average is required in both the area of concentration and in the interdisciplinary courses (averages computed separately).
  • No less than a "C" in both the area of concentration and interdisciplinary course sequence is permitted.
  • The last 45 credit hours must be earned in residence at the University of Miami.
  • Submission and approval of the Area of Concentration rationale
  • New: In order to graduate from the BGS program, candidates are required to submit a Capstone Portfolio:
    • Artifact, which is a graded paper from one of the interdisciplinary classes, and
    • 1-page narrative on one of the interdisciplinary courses
  • Graduating Exit Interview & Survey

Applying to Graduate

A student must apply on CaneLink during the semester in which they expect to graduate. Deadline dates are specified in the Academic Calendar

Graduation Ceremony

For detailed and up-to-date Commencement information, please visit the commencement web site

Graduation with Honors

Please refer to the office of Graduation Honors for details.