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General Education Required Courses: 57–66 credits

Interdisciplinary Courses: 15 credits

The interdisciplinary courses serve as the core of the BGS program. Designed to strengthen critical thinking and writing skills of the students, each course is taught by exceptional University of Miami faculty who are committed to the adult student. The 15 credits of interdisciplinary courses will be included within the schedule of *Saturday courses and Online upper level courses. ENG333 - Writing the Research Paper, is a required interdisciplinary course for all BGS students and students MUST earn a grade of “C” or better. * Courses may change due to faculty availability.

  • SOC491 - Dynamics of Wealth and Poverty in the United States
  • POL599 - Controversies in Public Policy
  • ENG333 - Writing the Research Paper
  • COM391 - Communication and Social Interaction
  • GEG301 - Immigration Debate in the United States

Area of Concentration: 30 credits

The area of concentration in Public Policy, Civil Engagement and Communication* includes the following ten courses (30 semester hours):

  • POL 321 - Public Policy and Administration
  • POL353 - Interest Groups and Lobby
  • POL313 - The Constitution
  • POL548 - Civic Participation and Democracy
  • POL599 - Ethical Issues in Gov't, Bus and Non-Profit Org
  • COS318 - Non-Verbal Communication
  • COS316 - Small Group Communication
  • COS336 - Political Communication
  • COS343 - Intercultural Communication
  • COS418 - Organizational Communication

* Courses may change due to faculty availability

Students are required to submit a (two-page minimum) rationale proposal describing a minimum of three specific objectives they hope to attain through the preselected coursework, i.e., how the specific courses in Leadership, Global Policy and Communication will benefit him/her in their professional and or personal endeavors.

The approval process requires that the student submit the proposed rationale in writing along with the listed pre-selected coursework to the Director of the program by their 2nd enrolled semester in the Saturday Option program.

Note: This two-page document does not include the curriculum list; that would be included as an additional page.

Electives: 15 credits