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Hispanicness versus Americanness

Does perception of brand ethnicity sway consumers’ purchasing decision? A new University of Miami study shows that Hispanic consumers associate certain…

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Saturday BGS Program

University of Miami's Division of Continuing and International Education is launching a new option for working adult students - the Saturday Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree program.

This liberal arts-based degree is designed for non-traditional students. This special option within that program features a lockstep format which offers students the option of completing the last 45 credits (2 ½ years) of their degree entirely through Saturday classes, leaving weeknights and lunch hours free.

The University offers a special tuition rate for students in the BGS program, which is substantially less than the University's standard rate of tuition. The Saturday classes are offered as a pre-determined cohort, and will fulfill all upper level courses and Area of Concentration requirements within the program. General education and elective requirements would be met either through transfer credits from previous colleges or through other traditionally scheduled University of Miami coursework.

For more information on the Saturday BGS Program, please contact the BGS Program office at (305) 284-4000.

Saturday Option Brochure