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A Fine-Tuned Plan

“Music has always been part of my life,” says brass player Katie Silliman, who has performed in school bands since sixth grade. “I wasn’t ready…

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Experience our student-centered curriculum

Designing the area of concentration or course of study is one of the most attractive features of the Bachelor of General Studies degree program.

Students with diverse personal and/or professional interests and goals can design a curriculum that makes sense to them and furthers their professional growth and development far more than a standard, one-size-fits-all program.

Choosing your concentration

The Area of Concentration consists of 10 courses (30 credits) preferably all at the 300 level or higher.

Students may select upper level coursework from any UM department and even blend curriculum from distinct departments to meet their individual academic objectives. The approval process requires that the student submit the proposed coursework in writing to the Academic Dean along with a rationale stating why/or how these specific courses can benefit him/her in their professional or personal endeavors. The Academic Advisor has additional information about the process and can assist you to complete this important step at the right time for you.

Examples of previously approved Areas of Concentration:

  • History and Anthropology
  • Management and Public Relations
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Management and Communication
  • Computer Informations Systems
  • Human Resources

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