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Music to Medical Ears

The last place one might expect to teach future doctors and nurses about patient safety is on a concert stage. But last Wednesday an accomplished string…

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Transfer of Credits

Acceptance of transfer credit may be granted in most fields of study to applicants who have earned credit from other accredited colleges or universities. The Office of Admission, in conjunction with the BGS Program Director, has responsibility for evaluating transfer credit. Prospective students are encouraged to file their applications and supporting academic documents well in advance of the semester in which they plan to enroll.

Work taken at other institutions will appear on the University of Miami transcript in separate entries as:

  • No more than 64 credits may be transferred from an accredited junior or community college and up to 75 credits from an accredited university.

  • The total number of transferable credits attempted and quality points earned, regardless of grades, and The total credits transferred, which shall be the total credits for which a grade of C or higher was earned. Note: Only the transfer totals earned are added to the University of Miami totals. Total credits attempted and quality points earned elsewhere are not included in the University of Miami totals.

  • The University does not accept transfer credit for courses in which a grade of C- and below (or the equivalent grade) was earned. However, grades of C-, D, and F are used to calculate the transfer admission grade point average.

  • The University does not have a coursework forgiveness policy. The grades of any repeated courses will be averaged.

  • A student may not repeat a course in which a grade of C or higher has been earned. This is considered an illegal repeat.

  • Upper division course requirements (300 level or above) at the University may not be satisfied with community college courses.

Required credits in residence at the University of Miami

If you transfer credits from a 2-year or a 4-year college or university, you must complete your final 45 credits consecutively (that is, without a break) in residence at the University of Miami to earn an undergraduate degree.