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UM to Host Clinton Global Initiative University

President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton will host the eighth annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting March 6-8, 2015 at the University…

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Once students are registered for a semester all changes to the class schedule (adds and drops) are done online through CaneLink account*. 

Not attending or not paying does not drop a student from a class. You need to drop through CaneLink* or may unknowingly acquire an "F" on your academic record. Instructions on dropping a course may be found here.

Make full payment or arrangements to pay by the first day of class. For questions on refunds, fees and payment, please contact the Office of Student Account services at or 305-284-6430.

Complete Withdraw Drop Form

*Students CANNOT do complete withdraws (dropping ALL currently enrolled classes for the semester) through CaneLink. Student must complete a Drop Form to withdraw from all courses you are currently enrolled in for the semester. Completed Withdraw Drop Form must be submitted to

  • Submit your Complete Withdraw drop form to for processing ( make sure you check the box “Is this a Complete Withdrawal?” and check the box that most closely indicates the reason for your withdrawal)
  • Your request for a complete withdrawal (dropping all courses) will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar

Please note: Students who completely withdraw from a major semester (i.e., Fall or Spring), will need to reapply to be eligible to enroll for future semesters.

Confirm Drop in CaneLink

Log onto CaneLink:

  • Confirm drop has been processed – to avoid acquiring an "F" on transcript and ensure accurate tuition refund amounts, as per the Refund Schedule.