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Aid to Art

The festival featured live music, children’s entertainment, and food from Miami’s gourmet food trucks. In addition to artists selected by a panel of…

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Students who are interested in observing a class but do not want to receive academic credit/grade may audit lecture courses only.

Please be advised: Auditing is allowed only when there is space available in lecture courses. Audit students receive no credit, do not prepare written assignments or take examinations, are not eligible for residence in campus residence halls, and do not receive student privileges except for the use of the library. No entries are made on the permanent academic record for audited courses.

Audit students must understand that in requesting to audit a credit course they will:

  • Not receive credit for the course
  • Have no record of my having taken the course
  • Have no grade assigned to their for the course
  • Not have their course work reviewed or take any exams
  • Not be able to get credit for this course at a later date
  • Not be eligible for a refund

Audit students must submit payment (in check or money order, made payable to the University of Miami) with course request form (there are no refunds given for audit courses). Please refer to the Undergraduate Semester and Tuition Fees rate schedule for the per course audit fee.

Please complete and submit with payment to Allen Hall #111 (all request to audit must be submitted before last day to add in accordance with the term's Academic Calendar dates):