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“Music has always been part of my life,” says brass player Katie Silliman, who has performed in school bands since sixth grade. “I wasn’t ready…

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The Non-Degree Seeking application has closed for the Summer Semester. The application for Fall 2017 is currently opened and will close on Monday, August 14th.

Want to take a few UM undergraduate or graduate college CREDIT classes but don’t want to go through the lengthy admissions of a degree seeking program?

Non-Degree Seeking Status, if you qualify, offers a streamlined application process to take a limited number of credits.

Enrollment for classes in a Non-Degree seeking status is on a space available basis. Non-degree students are responsible for meeting any requirements for the class (prerequisites, co-requisites, etc.). If class is reserved for specific degree programs (as noted on course offerings), Non-Degree students are NOT eligible for enrollment.

BE ADVISED: Non-Degree Graduate Status, Non-Degree Undergraduate Status, Non-Degree Alumni Status, etc., each have unique requirements, regulations, and pricing.  Once a student applies and/or  registers in any specific student status,  their status CANNOT be changed for that semester. 

Please Note: Non-Degree seeking students are NOT eligible for I-20s, on-campus housing, or financial aid.

Questionnaire - Find the right program for you.
The University of Miami offers a wide range of certificate programs designed to develop your personal and professional skills. You can find a catalog of all the non-credit certificate programs we offer and register online at

Unfortunately, it appears you are not eligible to apply as non-degree seeking status.

We recommend that you DO NOT apply as you will not qualify and your application WILL NOT be refunded if you apply.

From your responses you appear to meet the minimum criteria for non-degree undergraduate status (Pending approval of documents submissions). Please make sure to email if you have any issues or questions (before applying).

In non-degree seeking status will need to maintain a minimum of 2.5 gpa after 12 attempted credits; with maximum of 30 attempted credits allowed in this status. For complete policy information visit the Non-Degree Undergraduate page.

If you have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or valid visa holder and meet the requirements outlined in the Policies Governing Enrollment in Continuing Studies Non-degree Graduate Status, you can enroll in graduate credit courses at UM.

Visit the Non-Degree Graduate Status page for more details.
If you are a UM Alumn, you can take credit courses in the College of Arts and Sciences at a special alumni rate!

Visit the Non-Degree Alumni Status page.
If you are a junior or senior in high school and have at least a 3.5 GPA, you may apply for enrollment in the Division of Continuing and International Education by visiting our Non-Degree High School page for high school students.
You will need to submit an e-mail with additional information regarding the crime. This will be reviewed and a decision will be given if you are eligible to be processed as non-degree seeking (if you are not eligible your application fee WILL NOT be refunded).
If you attended UM in a degree seeking program without completing an undergraduate degree at UM or another four year university BS/BA degree, your application for Non-Degree seeking WILL BE DENIED and your application fee WILL NOT be refunded if you do apply.
DO NOT apply as non-degree seeking status as you ARE NOT eligible and your application WILL NOT be refunded if you apply.
If you have applied and were denied or deferred in the past academic year, you ARE NOT eligible to be processed as a non-degree seeking student.
Non-Degree Undergraduate

Build your grade point average
Gain academic experience
Take courses for personal or professional reasons
Take summer classes to transfer back to your home university

Non-Degree Graduate

Explore a graduate field of study
Take graduate level pre-requisites before seeking degree-status
Get a head start on graduate study before completing graduate application process
Take graduate courses for personal or professional reasons
Take graduate courses in the summer to transfer back to your home university

Non-Degree High School

For qualified high school juniors or seniors

Non-Degree Alumni

For qualified UM alumni

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