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Welcome to the research link page for the College of Engineering at the University of Miami, a research institution that now ranks 60 for the entire nation expending over 172 million dollars in federal funds for research [Source: Academic Research and Development Expenditures: Fiscal Year 2009; National Science Foundation, November 2009].

The research of the College of Engineering is innovative and cross-disciplinary requiring collaboration among those within and outside engineering.  These collaborations are typically centered around the following 3 major research thrust areas for the College.

  *Sustainable and Smart Systems
  *Informatics and Risk
  *Health and Technobiology

Please visit the site below for more details about research facilities and resources available through the College of Engineering:

  *Biomedical Resources and Facilities at the College of Engineering

For more details about specific research projects, please visit our faculty research web pages listed below. These web pages provide a brief description of research projects which received notification of funding during the following fiscal years:

  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2014
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2013
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2012
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2011
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2010
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2009
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2008 
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2007 
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2006
  *Faculty Research Projects for FY 2005 

If you have specific questions about research within the College of Engineering, please send an email message to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).