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Financial Aid

Financial support during the academic year is available in the form of either research assistantships (RAs) or teaching assistantships (TAs) for PhD students and limited academic scholarships for M.S. students (UM 5 year B.S./M.S. and traditional M.S. students are eligible for these limited scholarships).

If you are a M.S. applicant and wish to be considered for one of our limited, competitive academic scholarships, please submit the scholarship form along with your application materials.  A scholarship award has a maximum funding limit of 40% of the cost of tuition.

All accepted PhD. Applicants are automatically considered for funding.  Research and teaching assistantships include a stipend of at least $24, 800 per 12 months (for Academic Year 2011-2012 admits).

UM Fellowships

The UM Fellowship provides funding for a student for two years at $25,000 per year plus tuition whereas additional years of support come in the form of either a TA or an RA. Students must apply directly to their individual Graduate Program Director. Graduate Program Directors submit their nominations to the Graduate School. Graduate School committees make the final selections across departments.

Additional Information

For more information about funding your graduate degree, please visit the University of Miami Office of Financial Assistance webpage.

Information about the estimated cost of education which is used for projecting the basis for Graduate Stipends and International Graduate Student I-20 can be found here.