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In engineering, the master’s – not the bachelor’s – degree is the first professional degree, so all engineers should seek to obtain an M. S. degree. In order to facilitate the obtainment of an M.S. degree, the University of Miami (UM) College of Engineering (CoE) offers the M.S. degree through a number of possible venues or entry points, as summarized below. Every one of our M.S. degree programs requires 10 courses or 30 credit hours to complete; this can be typically undertaken in one, 9-month academic year (i.e., by enrolling in 15 credit hours per semester).

    General Admission Requirements:
  1. A B.S. degree from an accredited program.
  2. Typically a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Typically a GRE score of 1000 or higher (verbal + quantitative).
  4. Typically for international students a TOEFL PBT score of 550 or higher, or a TOEFL iBT score of 80 or higher, or an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher.

Some students may be required to take additional pre-requisite coursework, depending on the nature and content of their B.S. degree. A maximum of 6 credit hours above and beyond those required for a B.S. degree can be transferred into our 30-credit hour M.S. program. Additionally, qualified students may apply for a partial tuition scholarship (which at present is averaging about 25% of the cost). More detailed information can be found in the Prospective Graduate Students section of our website at www.miami.edu/coe.

UM Entry PointTypical DurationComments
1.   Freshman Year4 + 1 yearsStudents enter UM CoE as a freshman and apply by their junior year to obtain a joint B.S./M.S. degree after 5 years.
2.   Transfer Year2 + 2 + 1 yearsStudents enter UM CoE as a transfer from another accredited program after 2 years and apply by their junior year to obtain a joint B.S./M.S. degree after 3 years.
3.   Summer Semester Before M.S.4⁺ + 1 yearInternational students complete their B.S. capstone project at UM CoE as exchange students, then receive their B.S. from their home institution and transition – without leaving U.S. – into the M.S. program, beginning in the Fall semester.
4.   First M.S. Semester On-Campus1 yearStudents enter M.S. program either after receiving a B.S. or after being in the workforce following their B.S. degree.
5.   First M.S. Semester Off-Campus1.5 to 3 yearsWorking professionals enter a specially customized M.S. degree program at an off-campus location.
6.   First Semester of An Intensive English       Program (IEP)IEP + 1.5 yearsInternational students with a B.S. in engineering who are unable to meet TOEFL/IELTS requirements and have a minimum 550 or higher score on the quantitative section of the GRE may enter into the IEP and, assuming a minimum score of 450 on TOEFL, must take one required M.S. course per IEP semester; if they graduate from IEP and their M.S. course grades average 3.0 or better, they will not be required to retake the GRE before continuing – as a full-time student – in their chosen M.S. program.