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The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) purpose is to unite the Hispanic students at the CoE, which make up approximately 30% of the total CoE population. SHPE is the source of quality Hispanic engineers and technical talent. The society strives to achieve educational excellence at the pre- college and collegiate levels, and broaden economic opportunity and social awareness.

President: Emma Salgado
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Yousef Abdel-Moty
Vice President of External Affairs: Joanna Dominguez
Secretary: Sarah Fiol
Treasurer: Nicholas Perilla
Events Coordinator: Laura Basulto
Public Relations: Salomon Puyana
Historian: Ronnie Valdivia
Advisor: Dr. Maria Martinez memartinez@miami.edu
Professional Chapter: http://www.shpe.org/

August 31 4:30 pm
Location TBA

NTCC Chapter President of the Year
Sponsored Campus Crawler, 2005 EWeek

Upcoming Events
COE Orientation August 22
Come Meet Us at CaneFest August 23

Number of Members: (Approx.)