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It’s been said, “Your education begins the day you graduate.” Here are the College of Engineering, we believe that education in the classroom and the laboratory should be enhanced by hearing form those who have successfully achieved professional prominence in their careers. So, we’ve established the Lunch with the Leaders seminar series to give students a chance to listen, and learn, about theri future. Below are several commonly asked questions.


What is Lunch With the Leaders?


          It is an informal opportunity for students to gather, listen and participate in a free-ranging discussion presented by industry leaders.  Topics may include the career path of the speaker, thoughts on the industry in which he or she is employed, suggestions for the best way of starting out as a professional engineer and ideas on the best way to market oneself when entering the job market.  Speakers in the past have included outstanding alumni of the College of Engineering as well as other industry leaders from cutting edge firms in the fields of engineering and information technology.



What is the Format of Lunch With the Leaders?


          The series is offered several times during the Fall and Spring semesters, depending on the availability of speakers.  The sessions begin at noon or 12:15 p.m., according to the day’s class schedule. Lunch is served, and the general outline of the presentation is a brief talk, followed by a question/answer period or open discussion.  Often there is a multimedia presentation on the company or industry represented by the leader.  Students are encouraged to introduce themselves individually following the program, and take the opportunity to talk personally with the guest speaker.  These sessions are designed to be informal, and to present students with the chance to make professional contacts in a more relaxed environment.



Who is Invited?


          For most sessions, all College of Engineering students are welcome to attend.  Generally students interested in the industry represented by the speaker are encouraged to try to participate, but the lunch offers any student a great opportunity to learn.  Speakers are solicited by invitation, often to the alumni of the College, as well as leaders of firms interested in exposure to bright and talented future engineers.




Where is Lunch with the Leaders Held?


            Sessions are held on the University of Miami Coral Gables campus, usually in the Engineering Auditorium (McArthur Annex Room 202).  Occasionally, for a smaller group, a conference room in the Engineering complex may be used. MCA 202 contains full audiovisual equipment, including video monitors and player, laptop availability as well as overhead and computer-based slide projection systems. Technical support is available from Engineering support staff.




Is There A Cost for Lunch with the Leaders?

            The University of Miami does not charge for the use of the room, technical support, advertising and marketing, set-up and cleaning of the facility.  Luncheon food may be ordered by the presenters, or as a convenience the Engineering Career Planning and Placement Office will order food from the campus caterers, and the presenter can be invoiced directly.



Who Is the Contact Person for Lunch with the Leaders?

            Inquiries and reservations should be addressed to:

Ann Helmers, Director

College of Engineering Office of Career Development

University of Miami



email: ahelmers@miami.edu