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“The Water Boys” (the College of Engineering team) won first place in the 2014 Cuba Infrastructure Challenge.

“The Water Boys” (the College of Engineering team) won first place in the 2014 Cuba Infrastructure Challenge.  This annual competition, sponsored by the Association of Cuban Engineers, was held this year on February 22 at Casa Bacardi; it challenges university-level student teams to formulate and present a project of their choice on Cuba’s public infrastructure that relates to the engineering field in transportation, water resources, power/telecommunications or healthcare.

Of the 6 teams competing in the event, there were 5 teams from University of Florida and one from UM and the UM team prevailed!

The winning Water Boys are: Miguel Amezcua, Eric Antmann, Leonard Barerra, and Sergio Claure, all CAE students. Their mentors were Dr. Helena Solo-Gabriele, Professor in CAE and Associate Dean for Research, and Dr. Armando Perez, of CDM-Smith, Inc.

Their paper and proposal centered on an “Oxygen-Balance Analysis and Potential Remediation of the Upper Almendares River via Georelational Data Techniques”; an integral part of their study was the use of georelational tools within a Geographic Information System collecting ground elevation data from NASA satellites.

Dr. Solo-Gabriele adds that “the team worked especially hard and their creative use of technology was justly recognized.”

Momentum2 Leadership Wall

“I am proud to support the goals of the College, financially and personally.”

“The College of Engineering offered me exceptional opportunities to succeed; I want to give back so others can enjoy these opportunities as well.”

“My time at CoE was transformational. I am truly grateful that now I can help promote its on-going educational goals.”

These are just a sampling of the personal statements embodied in the College of Engineering’s virtual Leadership Wall, a commemorative structure whose physical realization was recently unveiled in the main hallway of the College of Engineering building, along with a virtual component.

“The virtual rendition of the Leadership Wall is totally unique,” points out Dean James M. Tien. “It permits current leadership donors to recognize the reasons for their support while allowing potential donors to understand the motivation and personal stories of existing donors. These personal statements are both informative and inspirational and underscore the value of and appreciation for the College’s vision of educating tomorrow’s technology leaders for career success.”  The personal incentives for support are as diverse as the source of funds themselves: community leaders praising their academic mentors, corporations investing in new research areas, young alumni eager to promote the College’s reputation. As one donor commented “I am so pleased to be able to contribute to the College’s efforts in education and research and I personally feel privileged to be included on the Leadership Wall.” All personal statements can be viewed on the Virtual Wall, along with selected photographs and other biographical information.

Designed and executed by the College’s Prototyping Facility,  the physical 7-panelled Leadership Wall honors all donors who have contributed or pledged a cumulative 5-figure or more amount to the College since the beginning of the Momentum2 campaign (in 2008).

Every donor is prominently recognized with an individual plaque on the Wall, indicating either a gift or pledge of $10,000, with higher “levels” of support indicated by an appropriate number of Sebastian icons. (For example, a 7-figure or 1M dollar plus gift is identified with 2 icons).

Since the Wall’s unveiling in April, 2013 during the College’s 65th anniversary celebration, plaques for more than 50 alumni, friends, and industry partners have been created, with additional donors being added continually.

Individuals interested in joining the Leadership Level of giving may contact the College’s Senior Development Office

Dr. Sadık Kakaç

International academic leader…renowned heat transfer researcher…respected mentor…dynamic personality…youthful outlook…all of these only begin to describe the career and accomplishments of Professor Sadik Kakaç(Professor Emeritus, MAE) who will receive the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME)75th Anniversary Medal during the 2013 Summer Heat Transfer Conference in July. This prestigious award follows Dr. Kakaç’s recent election to the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in May, 2013 and his Award from the International Network for Engineering Education and Research( iNEER )for Exemplary Leadership in International Engineering Research and Education in December 2012.

These awards and honors constitute the most recent tributes and distinctions bestowed on Dr. Kakaç, who even has a dimensionless number ( the Kakaç Number*) named in honor of his 75th birthday for his contributions to the understanding of two-phase flow in heat transfer.

Dr. Kakaç’s career has spanned five decades, during which time he has been continually active in research and public service, currently serving as the Distinguished Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology in Ankara, Turkey; he has also held various governmental and research positions, including Secretary General of the Turkish Atomic Commission. After completing a Visiting Professorship at the UM College of Engineering (1980-82), Dr. Kakaç was appointed a Full Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and eventually served as department head (1990-98); he became Professor Emeritus in 2008 before joining TOBB University.

In addition to serving as advisor to over 60 graduate students from several nations and schools, Dr. Kakaç has also provided guidance and advice to research colleagues; he is personally responsible for expanding the NATO Advanced Study Institutes to include in-depth topics in engineering, and thereby, “advancing international cooperation in engineering education and research.”(Dr. Win Aung, in Engineering Education and Research.)  Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Kakaç has always maintained that there must be a balance between teaching and research, that “effective teaching must be of prime importance for any faculty member”  and always preferring to interact with students as colleagues searching for research results (rather than as a distant mentor). One specific College of Engineering student who will always remember his guidance and advice is Erisa Hines (MAE ‘02) a NASA lead engineer on the Mars Rover team, who repeatedly mentioned Dr. Kakaç’s influence on her career goals and research decisions.

Dr. Kakac career has indeed been varied and full, but he fondly recalls the time spent at the College of Engineering and specifically attributes numerous awards ( such as the ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award and the Alexander Humboldt Distinguished Award) to his work and research conducted while at UM.

Dean James M. Tien congratulated Dr. Kakaç on his most recent awards, pointing out that “ we all aspire to be as active and admired as Dr. Kakaç ; he is an inspiration to both faculty and students for his love and integration of engineering education and research.”

Prototyping Facility at College of Engineering, University of Miami

The University of Miami College Of Engineering is pleased to announce the establishment of a professionally staffed, state-of-the-art Prototyping Facility, available for use both within UM and with outside customers.

The 3000 square feet, air-conditioned facility is equipped to handle the most complex prototyping task (large or small). The facility offers:

  • the latest in computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, capable of 5-axis milling and turning;
  • Master Cam and Solid Works software, G-codes and conversational programming;
  • a complete rapid prototyping cube for very small prototyping;
  • modern wood working and sheet metal equipment;
  • a complete welding department including the latest in MIG, TIG, and Gas welders;
  • a vast array of manually operated manufacturing equipment.

With its certified professionals and experienced machinists, the Prototyping Facility is ready to:

  • educate students through hands-on projects;
  • facilitate faculty wishing to culminate their research efforts with functioning prototypes; and
  • collaborate with enterprises and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas and concepts into physical realities.
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Internal Rate 25% or less
External Rate

Let the College of Engineering’s Prototyping Facility be your one stop for the realization of your prototype. For further information, please contact Mr. Troy R. Thompson or 305-284-4115.