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Defying Gravity: UM’s Microgravity Team Takes Flight

Invited to NASA’s Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program, UM’s Microgravity Team conducted experiments in simulated zero gravity in July, 2014. Flying at 32,000 feet in a modified B727 that simulates weightlessness with a series of parabolic maneuvers, the engineering students, under the guidance of Assistant Professor Landon Grace(MAE), tested the effects of reduced gravity on nanoparticle dispersion Their goal: to develop high-strength composite materials, which could have a wide array of uses in everything from aircraft to blenders.

Dr. Berg’s Award

Dr. Siwei Cheng presents the award named in his honor to the 2014 recipient,  Dr. Daniel Berg, during a ceremony at 2nd annual meeting of the International Academy of Information Technology and Quantitative Management in Moscow, June 3-5

Dr. Daniel Berg, Distinguished Research Professor of Engineering, received the prestigious Siwei Cheng award in Information Technology and Quantitative Management at the 2nd annual meeting of The International Academy of Informational Technology and Quantitative Management (IAITQM) in Moscow, June 3-5.

This award was given to Dr. Berg as “a person who devoted genius efforts to applying quantitative methods and information technology to solve management problems,”; the award is in honor of Siwei Cheng, a former top leader in the Chinese Congress and currently the head of a major program on economic theory at the renown Chinese Academy of Science.

IAITQM, with founding members from over 50 countries, including the U.S., China, Japan, Australia, and Turkey, was established in 2011 to promote innovative excellence in Information technology and quantitative management.

Dr. Berg was both surprised and honored by the award, noting that this organization’s members represent the most talented and experienced experts in this growing field. He also mentioned that the award’s namesake will be visiting the College of Engineering this year and looks forward to his interaction with the faculty and students on several topics.

Dean James M. Tien noted that “Dr. Berg’s research and expertise in quantitative methods and applications is well-known. This significant award validates his outstanding efforts.”

Dr. Justin Sanchez’s Demonstration

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel examines a prototype prosthetic arm developed by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency(DARPA) in one of the projects Dr. Justin Sanchez(Associate Professor, BME) oversees as Project Manager.

Dr. Justin Sanchez (Associate Professor, BME) recently demonstrated for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel an example of the advanced prosthetics being developed in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA), where Dr. Sanchez is Project Manager. This particular prosthetic arm, designed for Fred Downs, who worked with Hagel at the Veterans Administration, astounded Mr. Hagel. “This is transformational …it will have a major impact on the lives of injured troops.” At DARPA, Dr. Sanchez oversees several related projects involving prosthetics and brain-related technology, including those involving brain sensor implants which would allow thoughts to control limb movement.

“The Water Boys” (the College of Engineering team) won first place in the 2014 Cuba Infrastructure Challenge

Pictured from left to right; Eric Antmann, Sergio Claure, Miguel Amezcua, Leonard Barerra

“The Water Boys”(the College of Engineering team) won first place in the 2014 Cuba Infrastructure Challenge. This annual competition, sponsored by the Association of Cuban Engineers, was held this year on February 22 at Casa Bacardi; it challenges university-level student teams to formulate and present a project of their choice on Cuba’s public infrastructure that relates to the engineering field in transportation, water resources, power/telecommunications or healthcare.

Of the 6 teams competing in the event, there were 5 teams from University of Florida and one from UM and the UM team prevailed!...more

Momentum2 Leadership Wall

“I am proud to support the goals of the College, financially and personally.”

“The College of Engineering offered me exceptional opportunities to succeed; I want to give back so others can enjoy these opportunities as well.”

“My time at CoE was transformational. I am truly grateful that now I can help promote its on-going educational goals.”

These are just a sampling of the personal statements embodied in the College of Engineering’s virtual Leadership Wall, a commemorative structure whose physical realization was recently unveiled in the main hallway of the College of Engineering building, along with a virtual component....more

Engineers without Borders

Left to right: UM CoE students Maria Arguelles, Miguel Amezcua and community leaders.

“Our team not only performed an outstanding job, but also had a fantastic learning experience” was the enthusiastic summary Daniel Quevedo (Junior,CAE) offered for this year’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) trip to Las Mercedes, Ecuador.  This EWB project, now in its second year, involved the entire College of Engineering team (students Miguel Amezcua, Maria Arguelles, Joey Ray, Daniel Quevedo, and industry mentors Manny Moncholi, of Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department, and Pete Robinson, of Hazen and Sawyer P.C.) in a range of activities: establishing contacts with government and local resources,  coordinating with local NGO partners, strategizing about possible sanitation solutions, devising a potential sewage system, and surveying the contiguous areas.

During their week-long trip (May 20-26), the team quickly realized that a complete sewage project, rather than merely a drainage plan, was the best solution for the community. This conclusion was the result of multiple meetings and discussions with the local officials and the mayor. The EWB group hopes, in the next few years, to develop and assist the community in sanitary sewer hook ups which will connect every house in Las Mercedes to a central sewage system and replace the current outhouse-style bathroom facilities.

Field work involved surveying site locations, which EWB team members Dana Rasch and Daniel Quevedo review with a community leader

According to Dr. Helena Solo-Gabriele (EWB Student Chapter Advisor, Professor of CAE, and Associate Dean) this project exemplifies the ongoing College commitment to blend research and education, offering students real-world projects that bridge engineering principles with practical solutions.

Both Miguel and Daniel echoed Dr. Solo-Gabriele’s comment, adding that the opportunity to apply engineering concepts to actual, everyday problems is not only educational but immensely rewarding, both professionally and personally.

Prototyping Facility at College of Engineering, University of Miami

The latest in computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, capable of 5-axis milling and turning

The University of Miami College Of Engineering is pleased to announce the establishment of a professionally staffed, state-of-the-art Prototyping Facility, available for use both within UM and with outside customers.

The 3000 square feet, air-conditioned facility is equipped to handle the most complex prototyping task (large or small)....more

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