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These are the official social media sites of the UM Office of Admission. So go ahead! Be social: "like" us, "tweet" us, watch videos of our current students and activities on campus, browse through our many photo galleries, and don't forget to download our University of Miami songs and cheers.
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Songs (MP3): To download: Right-Click on song and choose 'Save File as'
University of Miami Alma Mater
Miami U How-Dee-Doo (Fight Song)
Hail to the Spirit of Miami U
Let's Go 'Canes
Blow Hurricanes
North Dade
In the Steps of Champions
Go 'Canes Go
Speed (Drum Cadence)

It's Great to Be a Miami Hurricane (Cheer)
Dynamite (Cheer)
Dr. Who (Cheer)
Let's Go 'Canes (Cheer)
Here We Go Hurricanes (Cheer)
Whoosh Whoosh