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Q: If I receive a scholarship from the University of Miami, may I also receive need-based financial assistance?
A: Yes. Need-based financial assistance is determined by analyzing the student’s need minus the scholarship amount, giving an overall need amount. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit only. A scholarship recipient may still qualify for any and all need-based assistance.

Q: Do I need to complete a separate application for to be considered for an academic scholarship?
A: No. It is not necessary to complete a separate application for the above-named scholarships. These will automatically be awarded assuming you meet the renewal criteria. If you are planning to apply for other need-based financial aid, however, please be sure to fill out the appropriate materials for these funds.

Q: May I use some of my academic/merit scholarship funds to cover room and board expenses?
A: No. These scholarships cover tuition expenses only. If you have other tuition restricted scholarship funds such as the Florida Resident Access Grant or Tuition Remission, the total of these funds are limited to tuition and fees expenses only.

Q: Is it possible to receive a combination of academic scholarships/awards?
A: No, students may receive only one of these scholarships.

Q: If I have received an academic/merit scholarship for the past three years and decide to drop out of college for a year, can I have my academic/merit scholarship reinstated when I return?
A: Academic scholarships are meant to be used in consecutive semesters. However, as long as you have provided the Office of Financial Assistance Services with an approved leave of absence from your academic dean and you have not attended another institution during your absence, it can be reinstated.

Q: I have been awarded a scholarship for the fall semester. If I decide to enroll in the spring instead, will I still be awarded the scholarship? Or, if I decide not to attend, enroll in another university and then reapply in the future as a transfer student, will I still be awarded this scholarship?
A: No, a scholarship will not be held over or deferred to a later term.

Q: I received a scholarship this past year funded by an agency other than the University of Miami. They indicated that my scholarship will not be renewed next year. I then received a financial aid award from the University of Miami which included this outside scholarship resource. Should I assume that I will be receiving the scholarship?
A: No. Please do not consider this a decision of renewability. For scholarships that are funded by outside agencies, we incorporate the value of these scholarships on a financial aid award for two reasons. The first reason is to make sure that it is included with any other form of need-based financial aid so that we do not have an over-award. The second reason is that these funds can sometimes be credited to your account. Since we are not always aware of whether a scholarship will be renewed, we make the assumption that it will be renewed. If you have documentation from the scholarship program to the contrary, please submit copies to the Office of Financial Assistance Services so that we can change our records and remove this award from your financial assistance award package.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade my scholarship after I start attending the University of Miami?
A: No. Once our scholarship decisions have been finalized, it is not possible for students to have their scholarships increased. If you find that financial circumstances have changed for your family, so that additional assistance is needed, we recommend that you contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services to determine your eligibility for need-based financial assistance. In order to apply for need-based funds, you must complete and submit a FAFSA.

Q: I have already received a financial aid package from the University of Miami. Now I have been informed that I will be receiving one scholarship from the University of Miami and another scholarship from an outside source. Will this affect my previous financial aid package?
A: The financial aid package that was originally sent to you was based on the best known information at that time. Because the office was unaware that you would be receiving these two scholarships, a revised financial aid package will be provided. You should contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services as soon as you have the name and dollar amount of these scholarships. At that point, the Office of Financial Assistance Services will provide a revised financial aid award for you. Please keep in mind that all resources must be taken into consideration to determine eligibility for need-based financial assistance. With this in mind, the scholarships will be incorporated in the financial aid award and other resources revised when appropriate.

Q: How will scholarships or grants that I am awarded from outside agencies impact my University academic scholarship and total financial aid award?
A: All general University scholarships are limited to the amount of a student’s tuition, or net tuition after the addition of other scholarship or grant aid that is also restricted in whole or in part to the payment of tuition. If University scholarships, in conjunction with other tuition-restricted awards, exceed tuition, the University award is adjusted downward until the values equal tuition. Also, in the event that University scholarship funds, in addition to other scholarship, grant, and/or stipend resources, exceed the total cost of attendance, the University scholarships are adjusted downward to ensure that total aid does not exceed the cost of attendance. University need-based resources, in combination with other assistance, may not exceed the lesser of financial need or cost of attendance. In the event that a student’s total aid exceeds these restrictions, the University aid will be adjusted until the restrictions are met.

Please note: Always check with the Office of Financial Assistance Services when adding any awards from outside agencies to find out the full impact of such awards on your University financial aid award. Never assume that your original financial aid award will remain the same if such awards are added. We reserve the right to modify any financial aid award at any time due to changes in eligibility.

Q: How much total financial aid from all sources can I receive per academic year?
A: The total of all resources of aid (including scholarships, loans, grants, etc.) cannot exceed cost of attendance.

Q: If a student does not receive an academic/merit scholarship, can he/she qualify for these in subsequent years?
A: No. These scholarships are offered only to incoming freshmen. (Qualifying transfer students may be eligible for one of our limited numbers of academic/merit scholarships designated for transfer students.)

Q: If I am enrolled in a Dual Admission Honors program (in medicine, law, business, biomedical engineering or marine science) can my scholarship be extended to cover graduate or professional school expenses?
A: No. Students in the Dual Admission Honors Programs are eligible to receive their academic scholarships only for their undergraduate course work taken on the Coral Gables campus.

Q: Am I required to participate in the Honors Program in order to receive an academic scholarship?
A: No. Scholarship recipients are not required to participate in the Honors Program.

Q: Is there an appeal process if I do not receive the minimum grade point average or complete 24 credit hours during the academic year for maintaining my scholarship?
A: Yes. A letter of appeal should be forwarded to Standards of Academic Progress Appeals Committee c/o the Office of Financial Assistance Services. Appeals will be considered if there is a significant reason for not attaining the appropriate credits and/or grade point average.

Q: If I receive a partial athletic scholarship, can I be considered for an academic scholarship?
A: In some cases, it is possible to receive a partial athletic scholarship and an academic scholarship. Because each student’s circumstances are unique, we suggest you contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services for specific information.

Q: I received an offered Outside Scholarship in my award notification. How do I accept the award?
A: The student does not need to accept an outside scholarship award. An outside scholarship award is offered once we receive notification of the award. The award must be counted as a resource in the award package if it is intended to go toward a cost of attendance item. The award will remain offered until which time the funds are actually received by the University. Once the funds are received, the amount received will show as Accepted. Please note that if funds are received for a future term, the disbursement of those funds will not be paid to your Student Account until on or after the disbursement date for that term.