Rochelle Boreland

Assistant Director

Counselor for students in: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia


(305) 284-5762

Hometown: Miami

About Me:
Originally born in Jamaica, I moved to Miami at age 4 and I have been here ever since. I am a two time graduate from the University of Miami. Outside of work, I enjoy educating about and styling hair. I also run an interactive hair blog geared toward high school and college aged girls.

Why should a high school student choose UM?
The University of Miami offers a unique opportunity to 'diversify' your college experience. In any given class, you're seated amongst students and professors from all over the world. The opportunity to network and grow in such a setting is invaluable. The campus location is also a plus. Our scenic campus and tropical weather is perfect for outdoor study sessions.

What's the best memory you have at UM?
Homecoming! One year, I got to see Lauryn Hill perform on the Green. She is one of my favorite artists and having her on campus was huge! I also enjoyed the pep rallies and other events that took place during homecoming.

What advice would you give a high school student applying to UM?
Don't be deterred by the cost of attendance. There is SO much value added by the experience each student will have once on campus. From student organizations to volunteer opportunities, you can rest assured that you will come away with advanced leadership skills and tons of great experiences once you graduate!

Rochelle Boreland Upcoming Travel Schedule:

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